Indoor GPS Systems for Test and Measurement

GPS Networking excels in providing solutions for testing GPS indoors. The rapid increase of GPS integration into new products has created many new indoor GPS systems for testing applications and requirements.  Research and development, product testing, product inspection, and maintenance applications have diverse requirements but share the common need for GPS test equipment for indoor applications.

Sensitivity is one of the most important measurements of a GPS receiver’s capability. In fact, for many commercial-grade GPS receivers, it is often the only RF measurement performed in production test of the final product. At a high level, the sensitivity measurement defines the lowest satellite power level at which a receiver is still able to track and achieve a position fix on satellites overhead.

Our team has worked for many years to bring you the most accurate indoor GPS systems for testing and measurement. With our GPS signal distribution equipment, you will be able to make sure all your new products work exactly as they should. The equipment from GPS Networking can help you test that your GPS applications are working properly whether you are testing for positioning, navigation or timing.

We provide GPS Test Equipment for Aircraft, Vehicle, Boat, and UAV GPS Testing

GPS Test Equitment

Using our products to test GPS equipment will help you and your customers have the signal they need in real-world applications. Navigating any vehicle, such as an airplane, boat, or UAV, without proper GPS testing to ensure it functions properly can be dangerous and will fall short of being cost-effective and expeditious. GPS Networking has over 20 years experience developing the optimal solutions to satisfy even the most stringent indoor GPS/GNSS system testing equipment parameters.

Indoor GPS Systems for Test and Measurement

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