Do both splitters support any GNSS system (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, etc.)?

     All of our splitters pass all GNSS frequencies, the entire L-band.


What are the various options? What is "Weatherproofing" "Hi-Isolation", "Hermetically Sealed", "EMI Shielding", "Networking- External power supply"?

  • Weatherproofing is just that, we will weatherproof the unit.
  • Hi-Isolation is used where there is a high noise figure. This option will lower the gain to compensate for that.
  • Hermetically Sealed is used to give the unit an airtight seal to protect it from the outside environment.

  •  EMI Shielding is to protect the unit from electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

  • Networking indicates that the unit has an external power source. Your choices are 110v, 220v (European 2 prong), 240v (3 prong UK configuration), MC is Military DC connector with 9-32v DC.

Does the splitter need an external power supply or can it be obtained by the receiver?

The splitter can take power from the receiver and whatever voltage you put in will go to the antenna from 3.3v to 25v. If you need more than 15v we will make sure it can pass through but it would have to be customized.



What are your power options?