General Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

The following quality provisions are attached to applicable purchase orders:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System or Quality Manual
  • Prevention of the use of Counterfeit Parts
    • EEE parts should only be purchased through the OEM or an authorized distributor.
  • Prevention of the use of Conflict Mineral or Materials
  • Approval of Source Inspection (if requested)
  • Flow down of these requirements to any external suppliers.

Additional, per job requirements may be included elsewhere on the purchase order. 

Following these quality provisions will improve the quality and safety of our products.

Applicable Purchase Orders

Material which will be directly used in our products must abide by our quality provisions. The requirements in each of our purchase orders together with its associated documents are our only requirement for that purchase order. If any of the following items are part of the PO, the quality provisions apply:

  • Electronic Components
  • Lids, Baseplates, or Housings
  • Fasteners
  • RF connectors
  • Cable
  • Painting or Plating Services
  • Circuit Boards

Thank you for your help!