First Responders GPS

Seconds Matter.  When responding to a house fire, forest fire, car accident, or other 911 emergency calls, seconds are the difference between life and death.  No one knows this more than first responders - our firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and police officers.  Whether in a fire engine, ambulance, or police car, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) can be the difference between knowing the exact location of an emergency or missing the mark. This requires the most accurate and constant GPS signal before there is even an emergency coming through the radio.  Without a rapid response, citizens throughout your area could remain in distress longer than necessary.

Thankfully, this problem already has a solution. For more than 20 years GPS Networking, Inc. has been bringing first responders a way to acquire a GPS signal while their public safety response vehicles wait inside the fire station, hospital, or police station.  With our products, you can easily install remedial GPS re-radiating kits that custom fit into whatever type of environment you require. Signal acquisition is vital in an emergency and with our products you can leave the vehicles in the garage and run maintenance and testing, all while successfully maintaining the GPS signal.

To Aid in Public Safety, We Provide Ambulance, Fire Truck, Public Safety, & Police GPS Solutions

First Responder GPS

In an emergency, the ambulance, fire truck, or police GPS needs to be working at its best. You can trust the high-quality products that GPS Networking, Inc. manufactures. We are the most experienced manufacturer of GPS signal distribution products to keep our first responders getting where they are needed as quickly as possible. The systems we build help emergency vehicles to acquire the satellite signal without delay saving precious seconds that our first responders could be using getting to an emergency and save lives.

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Ambulance, Fire Truck, Public Safety, & Police GPS

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