Cell Wireless & DAS Systems

In recent years, technological growth has led us to expand the normal Distributed Antenna Systems reach, allowing the average cellular user to receive a signal indoors, underground, in tunnels, or in other previously unreachable areas.  To meet this need, GPS Networking Inc. matched the demand to deliver accurate GPS timing information to cellular base station equipment in facilities all over the world – from stadiums to tunnels and everywhere in between.  While the average person may not realize the connection between GPS and cellular services, we at GPS Networking - in conjunction with the leading cellular providers - are providing DAS system solutions and more reliable products than ever before.

GPS Networking's Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link (FOGPSAL) is a key component to enable in-building cell service.  The FOGPSAL is a complete system that allows for the signal to be delivered over fiber and seamlessly converted back to RF.  In addition, we have implemented the elimination of long cable runs that minimize installation problems and related expenses, as well as any corresponding performance issues caused by excessive cable.  The flexibility of GPS Networking's fiber optic solutions and our wide array of GPS antenna splitters ensures a viable solution for every DAS system requirement.

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Distributed Antenna System Solutions

With our help, you too can design and implement the most up-to-date products in GPS technology to your building, airline hangar, tunnel, or any type of structure you can design.  Our employees are reliable engineers and technicians and because of them, GPS Networking has been a trusted source for DAS solutions for more than 20 years, with top-of-the-line industry standard products, tested and used throughout the United States.  Connect with us to learn more about how you can upgrade to a better-distributed antenna system, a faster product, and a reliable outcome. 

Cell Wireless & DAS Systems

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