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  • Small Form Factor
    • 2.5" x 0.75" x 1.49" (not including connectors)
  • Wide Accepted Frequency Range
    • Accepts signals from the entire L-Band, covering all major GNSS constellations.
  • Customizable Output Gain
    • Customizable from 1 dB to 25 dB


This Mini Variable Gain Line Amplifier 20dB Regulated Pass DC (MVGLA20RPDC) is an active one input, one output amplifier optimized for GPS applications. This equipment accepts signals covering all major GNSS constellations with excellent gain flatness and a low L1 noise figure. In the standard configuration, the J1 port accepts DC voltage from a connected GPS receiver. This voltage is regulated and used to power the internal amplifiers while unregulated voltage is passed through the antenna port to power a connected active antenna or other upstream devices.

Use Cases

  • As an in-line amplifier to negate the insertion loss of a long cable run.
  • To add amplification to a signal provided by a passive antenna.

Note: Previous versions of this product featured an internal potentiometer which was accessed via a hole in the lid. To adjust these older units, remove the red hole-plug and use a small flathead screwdriver to adjust the internal potentiometer until the desired attenuation is achieved.


Connector Type

Connector Type is required. All connectors are female.


Hermetically Sealed ($100)

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