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  • High Gain Amplified Roof Antenna
    • Provides 40 dB gain via internal LNA.
  • Re-Radiating Amplifier with External Power Supply 
    • 30 dB gain typical.
  • Optional Kit Mounting Hardware 
    • Roof Antenna Mount & Re-Radiating Amplifier Mount available.
  • Optional Re-Radiating Variable Gain Amplifier
    • Adjustable gain from 1 dB to 30 dB.


The GPS Hangar Networked Re-Radiating Kit (L1/L2GHNRRKIT) comes with the components to build a re-radiating system that can re-radiate all the major GNSS frequencies indoors. The GNSS signals received by the roof antenna are amplified and re-radiated to GPS receivers indoors, eliminating the need to attach receivers directly to the roof antenna. The L1/L2GHNRRKIT consists of an active roof antenna, a passive re-radiating antenna, and a re-radiating amplifier (L1/L2GHNRRKAMP) with an external power supply that powers the entire system. A cable from the roof antenna to the re-radiating kit is required and can be purchased separately. With up to 150ft of LMR400 low loss coax cable connecting the roof antenna to the re-radiating amplifier, the L1/L2GHNRRKIT will transmit GNSS signals indoors to receivers up to 100 feet away.
In the standard Networked (Externally Powered) configuration, the re-radiating amplifier output (J1) is DC Blocked. Custom gain, DC power, and connector configurations are available upon request.

Use Cases

  • To re-radiate signal indoors for GPS product testing.
  • To maintain GPS signal for emergency vehicles parked indoors.


Please note that the L1/L2GHNRRKIT GPS Re-Radiating Kits do not include antenna mounts.


The use is limited to activity for the purpose of testing RNSS equipment/systems.

An FCC Experimental Broadcast license is required to operate this device, with the following exceptions:

  • Device is operated in a shielded environment, such as an anechoic chamber.
  • Device is operated in conjunction with a reradiating hood.
  • Device is operated by federal or DoD personnel with the approval of the local spectrum manager.

Click Here for assistance calculating your re-radiating kit link budget and applying for your experimental license.


Connector Type

Connector Type is required. All connectors are female.

Output (Voltage to the Antenna)

Source (Power Option)



Weatherproofing (Add $100)

Variable Gain ($100)

Not compatible with Weatherproofing option.

LCD Display ($100)

Not compatible with Weatherproofing option.

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